Why Choose DWLG to Fit your Door?

Firstly allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dean Hopkins, I am the sole proprietor of DWLG and I love doors.

Yes you read that correctly, I just openly admitted on the world wide web that I actually love doors.

As writing this web page I am currently designing a new door named “Glyma” that one day in the near future I hope to see installed on homes in and around the London area. More on that later.

Whilst on my travels in and around London I often find myself looking at the doors fitted to the fronts of peoples houses and homes. I have seen so many different types of doors and wonder to myself why some people tolerate such poorly looking objects that can barely be passed as a front door.

I find myself looking at doors and complaining or commending to my colleague Laurence the way a door looks, the locks, colour, furniture, layout and style. We even start debating what could or should have been done to make the door look better.

After all a door is not just a door, its the security of your home, its the first impression of you and your home that anyone approaching your property gets, a door should be a well maintained aspect of your property, a thing of beauty to be admired even.

Still not convinced? Why not visit our Door Gallery page and take a look at some of Door Installations fitted by DWLG.

Door Types Supplied and Fitted

Types of Doors supplied and fitted or installed by DWLG.

  • Glimber Doors
  • Front Doors
  • Back Doors
  • External Doors
  • Internal Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Timber Doors
  • Engineered Doors
  • UPVC Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Traditional Doors
  • Contemporary Doors
  • Bespoke Doors
  • Hand Crafted or Hand Made Doors
  • Reclaimed and Restored Doors
  • Bi Folding Doors or Bi-fold Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Conservatory Doors
  • Louvre Doors

Before this list becomes to extensive, we can safely say that we can fit almost every type of door.

Established Door Fitters

DWLG Door Fitters have been installing quality doors in the London area for over 20 years, in 2012 we formed a small business named DWLG.

What is DWLG?

DWLG is an acronym for Doors, Windows, Locks and Glass.

DWLG provide a professional service related to the installation and security of Doors and Windows.

These services include repairing, maintaining, installing and fitting carried out by our fully qualified team of carpenters, locksmiths and glazers or glaziers.